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Wave Syringe A2 1g

Fluoride releasing, flowable light cured composite. For use in a range of Indications Including: Class V restorations, pit and fissure sealants, cementing veneers, temporary crowns and adhering tooth jewellery. Extremely low viscosity. Radiopaque.

3.410 ر.ع.


A flowable for all your clinical situations

Wave contain specially treated nano-fillers to maximize polish-ability, wear resistance and strength. Ease of extrusion is improved with the addition of these specially treated nano-fillers.

Wave is visible on x-rays. This allows easy identification of secondary caries at the interface.


Conseal F SYR 1x1g

3.348 ر.ع.
Conseal f is fluoride releasing and combines clinically proven SDI sealant technology with an intensive initial fluoride boost in conjunction with long term fluoride treatment. The unique Conseal f filler component, with its blend of particles and high surface-to-area volume ratios maximizes the sealant’s fluoride release.

Ultramat 2

219.340 ر.ع.
High speed multi-use triturator
  • Safety feature
  • Consistent accurate trituration
  • Practical
  • Multi-use mixer
  • High energy output
  • Low energy usage
  • Simple to use
  • Quiet low vibration
  • Dual voltage

Gingival Barrier 2 SYR 2x1g

7.893 ر.ع.
  • Flexible gingival barrier.
  • Gingival Barrier for masking soft tissues during professional tooth whitening treatments.

Radii-cal High Power LED Cordless Curing Light

279.100 ر.ع.
Light on weight,  radically powerful Lightweight Radii-cal’s ergonomic and lightweight design minimizes fatigue and maximizes comfort. The handpiece weighs just 144g / 5.1oz. Cordless The Radii-cal is a cordless unit allowing complete freedom of movement and total control. Save time and frustration with the cordless Radii-cal.

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