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Polishing Paste 1x4g

SDI Polishing Paste imparts a mirror like appearance to composites, compomers, amalgams, porcelain, ceramic and gold restorations. The agglomerated primary crystal aluminum oxide particles create a smooth, luminous finish to restoration surfaces.

6.882 ر.ع.

  • Fine polishing particles improve the restoration’s lustre for realistic results
  • Enhances the esthetic finish of all composite and compomer restorations
  • Imparts a life like gloss without anatomical reduction
  • Removes the rubber debris from any rubber polishing instruments
  • The polished resin’s lustre improves wear resistance and the restoration’s longevity
  • Peppermint flavored palatable taste for patient comfort
  • Ideal for hygienists’ routine care and re-polishing of composite restorations
  • Ideal for interproximal use with floss to polish without adversely affecting contact points
  • Easy to apply and use for consistent results
  • Efficiently and rapidly polishes, minimizing chair time
  • Washes off with no residue


  • Composite restorations
  • Amalgam restorations
  • Compomer restorations
  • Porcelain, ceramic and gold finishing


Conseal F SYR 1x1g

3.348 ر.ع.
Conseal f is fluoride releasing and combines clinically proven SDI sealant technology with an intensive initial fluoride boost in conjunction with long term fluoride treatment. The unique Conseal f filler component, with its blend of particles and high surface-to-area volume ratios maximizes the sealant’s fluoride release.

Luna 1 SYR A1 1x4g

5.689 ر.ع.
Combining nano-hybrid and micro filler particle technology together with non-stick handling, the radiopaque light cured, condensable and low shrinkage composite, Luna offers polishability and strength on an unprecedented scale for anterior and posterior restorations alike.

Ultramat 2

219.340 ر.ع.
High speed multi-use triturator
  • Safety feature
  • Consistent accurate trituration
  • Practical
  • Multi-use mixer
  • High energy output
  • Low energy usage
  • Simple to use
  • Quiet low vibration
  • Dual voltage

Gingival Barrier 2 SYR 2x1g

7.893 ر.ع.
  • Flexible gingival barrier.
  • Gingival Barrier for masking soft tissues during professional tooth whitening treatments.

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