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Radii plus / Radii-cal Light Shield

Radii Plus, the most powerful LED light available on the market. It has intensity readings of at least 1500mW/cm2, a built in radiometer and a 6mm depth of cure. The modern, slimline design has a tip that rotates 360 degrees to ensure easy access to all areas. A fully charged Radii Plus achieves 1200 ten second cures before needing to be recharged.

6.870 ر.ع.


Orange, Transparent


Conseal F SYR 1x1g

3.348 ر.ع.
Conseal f is fluoride releasing and combines clinically proven SDI sealant technology with an intensive initial fluoride boost in conjunction with long term fluoride treatment. The unique Conseal f filler component, with its blend of particles and high surface-to-area volume ratios maximizes the sealant’s fluoride release.

Wave 1 SYR A3.5

4.185 ر.ع.
A flowable for all your clinical situations Nanofilled Wave, Wave MV and Wave HV contain specially treated nano-fillers to maximize polishability, wear resistance and strength. Ease of extrusion is improved with the addition of these specially treated nano-fillers.

Wave Syringe A2 1g

3.410 ر.ع.
Fluoride releasing, flowable light cured composite. For use in a range of Indications Including: Class V restorations, pit and fissure sealants, cementing veneers, temporary crowns and adhering tooth jewellery. Extremely low viscosity. Radiopaque.

Pola Day 9.5% Mini Kit 4 X 1.3g

9.440 ر.ع.
Pola Day consists of a range of hydrogen peroxide based take home gels specifically designed for achieving whitening results when you have limited time in your schedule.  The desired whitening effect can be achieved in as little as 15 minutes.

Honigum Pro Light Fast Impress. Material 16x 25ml

119.000 ر.ع.
– Outstanding flow properties – Extraordinary stability – Balanced hydrophilicity – Registers even the finest details

Pola Office 1 Patient Kit

14.415 ر.ع.
Pola Office+ can be used with or without a bleaching light, as it does not require activation. While a light is not necessary, you certainly can use a bleaching light or a standard heat emitting curing light to accelerate the bleaching process

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