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Honigum Pro Light 1Pcs 50ml

Impressions with superior accuracy

From the makers of Luaxtemp and LuxaCore, Honigum Pro is the only VPS-material that goes where you want it, stays where you place it, and has the unique ability to thin under load. It makes its way into the tiniest of crevices and hard-to-reach areas that other impression materials can simply miss.


Precise, liquid impression material based on addition silicones (normally binding).

Based on a unique Snap-Set (long working time and short setting time in the mouth).

It is highly resistant to deformation and maintains dimensional stability.

Thanks to its hydrophilic properties, it flows very accurately into the smallest spaces, reproducing the smallest details.

It contrasts very well with the shade of the base mass.

It can be applied with syringes.

It has the smell of honey (it is tasteless).



as II. layer (or correction) of impressions for crowns, bridges as well as inlays and onlays


Gingival Barrier 2 SYR 2x1g

  • Flexible gingival barrier.
  • Gingival Barrier for masking soft tissues during professional tooth whitening treatments.

Radii-cal High Power LED Cordless Curing Light

Light on weight,  radically powerful Lightweight Radii-cal’s ergonomic and lightweight design minimizes fatigue and maximizes comfort. The handpiece weighs just 144g / 5.1oz. Cordless The Radii-cal is a cordless unit allowing complete freedom of movement and total control. Save time and frustration with the cordless Radii-cal.

Luna 1 SYR A3.5 1x4g

Luna from SDI is an anterior and posterior nano-hybrid composite restorative with superior strength and aesthetics.

Points Dispenser - Brush Applicators

Support to keep the adhesive micro-applicators in order

Kit Luna 5 SUR Introductory

Luna 2 has an improved unique blend of fillers that were researched and developed at SDI to deliver the enhanced handling, very high radiopacity and reliable mechanical properties

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